12.30Lunch symposium: Zuellig Pharma
9.00 Research presentation part 1
9.00-9.10 Comparative study of union rate in closed humerus shaft fracture after operative fixation with anteromedial vs anterolateral plating by anterolateral approach
9.10-9.20 A Study of Callus Area to Determine Healing Progression of Femoral Shaft Fractures Treated with Intramedullary Nail Fixation Using OrthoRead Program
9.20-9.30 Prediction models for risk of postoperative bedridden status at 12 weeks in elderly patients with intertrochanteric fractures treated with short cephalomedullary nails
9.30-9.40 The relation between femoral greater trochanter overhang and the entry point of cephalomedullary nailing in Thai population
9.40-9.50 The effect of axial femoral rotation on the projected femoral neck-shaft angle: a study of three-dimensional femoral models from CT recontruction
9.50-10.00 Does PHILOS plate match with the distal diaphysis of the humerus ? An anatomical study of Thai population
10.00-10.10 Relationships and degravitating factors of the osteporosis compression fracture with the hip fracture in elderly
10.10-10.20 How can we interpret the axial CT scan in acetabular fractures? A novel technique using 3D segmentation with a stepwise interpretation for Letournel classification
10.20-10.30 Intra-articular alterations after suprapatellar nailing in tibia shaft fracture: Arthroscopic evaluation
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00 Research presentation part 2
11.00-11.10 Recombinant human erythropoietin increases hemoglobin levels and reduces blood transfusions in patients with femur fractures; a randomized controlled trial study
11.10-11.20 Clinical Outcome in Minimally Invasive Approach of Mini Plate versus Screw Fixation of Joint Depression type Calcaneal Fracture
11.20-11.30 Functional outcome after 2 step operation following 1 years neglected posterior hip dislocation : a case report
11.30-11.40 Artificial intelligence assistance in the decisions of management for the patients with polytrauma conditions: A systematic review and future perspectives
11.40-11.50 The Outcome of Posterior Milking Maneuver for Reduction of Complete Displaced Extension Type Supracondylar Humeral Fractures in Children
12.30-13.30 Lunch symposium: Zuellig Pharma
Osteoanabolic Agent : state of the potential for orthopaedic surgeons
13.30-15.00 Trauma clinic part 2 (Thai)
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